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TBMF Distributors is dedicated to providing the highest quality, environmentally safe products on the market. Our Q7 product line consists of Q7 general degreaserQ7 oil and gas and Q7 commercial kitchen. The Q7 product line contains no inorganic phosphates, hazardous solvents, or environmentally harmful surfactants. Instead, it contains a proprietary blend of surfactants, builders, ph adjusters, and other ingredients, which exibit more positive environmental and health characteristics than conventional cleaning. Q7 products are truly green, bio-degradable, safe and easy to use, and formulated with cutting-edge technology.

Made in the USA

We are proud to offer commercial pricing.  Commercial pricing is available for quantity orders only and you must provide the proper documentation.

Please call Q7 today for commercial pricing at  757-328-7254 

We look forward to serving your commercial needs.

In 2008, two Florida business men and a chemist collaborated formula’s in an attempt to create a green cleaning product.  From this meeting they developed a water based, eco friendly, bio degradable, non toxic cleaner / degreaser that excelled and out performed any other cleaner / degreaser in its class.

This non-flammable product was tested in the West Virginia oil & gas fields, and was found to be the most effective parafin disbursent ever used.  Q7’s authentic water-based eco friendly formula adhere’s to the EPA’s strict environmental requirements.

So we would like to thank these 3 men for developing the best eco friendly cleaner / degreaser on the market today.  We invite you to give Q7 a test run and you will be sure to agree!

Q7 is awesome.  I couldn’t believe how easy it is to clean with.  It cut down my cleaning time dramatically.  I like that it is eco-friendly as well.

Tom Green Says Tom Green Says

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